Ham Family Band

aboutlifesideHey we would like to thank Life Assembly Church of Mt. Juliet, TN and pastor Andrew Wharton for allowing us to play at their Broo House coffee venue.  We had a great time listening to all the other performers and then wrapping it up with a Ham Family Band set.

Thanks also to Rob Robinson for letting us play a show at Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork, TN to a sold out crowd.  Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork is where it all started for the Ham Family Band a little over four years ago.  We didn’t play together at that time.  I would go up on the stage during open mic night with one boy at a time as they were learning songs on their instruments and of course everyone would cheer them on.  Here we are later in life, the boys are much taller (imagine that) and have come a long way in their music.  Don’t think we ever thought we would be playing shows all over Nashville, TN.  We are grateful for the opportunities and the friendship of Puckett’s in Leiper’s Fork.

Thanks also to the wonderful people of the other Puckett stores in and around Nashville who keep us in their rotation.  Thank you Amy, Becky, Marcus, Joe, Michael, Max and Andy.  We are overwhelmed by your support of us!!!

We were pleased to play Gray’s on Main for the first time in June.  We are hoping to have another show in the near future there!

One more day and Jackson Ham will get his cast off!  We sure have missed our banjo pickin’ fourteen year old and what he brings to The Ham Family Band!  Can’t wait and I’m sure he can’t either!!

Come on out and see us in July at Puckett’s in Columbia and Nashville, just check out our show dates on this website.  Also look at us later this month at Mount Pleasant Grille and Pickin’ on the Harpeth.  Hope to see you out there at one of the venues!!!